Professional Handyman Services Naples, FL

About Us

Erik and Ivana Wingrove are the owners of Momma’s Boy Maintenance. This is a real family business since they work side by side every day to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied and taken care off. Erik does the repairs and Ivana takes care of the office work from home.

A few years ago, their lives were very different: Erik was a math teacher at a local high school and had a handyman side business and Ivana had her own catering business and food truck. After more than 9 years of praying for a family, they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl (Sophie) and they had to do a lot of changes to be able to take care of her and their finances. Erik decided to quit teaching to grow his maintenance business full time and for Ivana to be able to stay at home with Sophie. They say that babies come with blessing and that is true! The handyman business grew and they were able to pay their bills.

Erik strives for excellence and complete customer satisfaction in every job he does. This is shown with the great reviews and rating he has in Home Advisor and the many referrals he gets from his satisfied customers.

We are thankful for our customers and we look forward to helping many more people of SWFL.
We look forward to serve you!